If you’ve ever had a cat or kitten, you surely know how much joy, stability, and fun they can bring to a home. Cats are often more ideal people with busy lives or for smaller living spaces such as apartments because they are more independent and usually require less attention and space than dogs. 

By adopting a cat or kitten, you are saving a life and enriching your own. We’ve even read studies that prove cats help lower blood pressure, and decrease depression and anxiety in humans. 

Adopting cats or kittens from a shelter or rescue is also much more affordable because they come spayed or neutered and with updated vaccinations. You also have as much medical information as is available about your new family member. 

We encourage people to consider all cats or kittens, including those with special needs, black cats (often maligned and ignored), and senior cats. Each feline has love to give and can be an amazing companion. 

How to Adopt

At Crystal Creek Rescue, we want both the cats we adopt out and their humans to be happy with the situation. That’s why we feel the responsibility to require a detailed (but not overwhelming) adoption process. We know from experience that cats and kittens that are adopted on a whim often do not end up staying with that family and either get rehomed or abandoned. 

Our adoption process helps prevent that! 

Our process: 

  1. Choose a cat or kitten on our inventory, complete an online application and submit. If you need a paper application, we can email you a PDF to print out and send back to us.
  2. We review the application, including contacting your landlord if you are a renter to ensure a pet is allowed at that property. We do not adopt to anyone who plans to declaw or let the cat outside.
  3. If the application is approved, we set up an appointment between the prospective adopter and the foster parents to allow a “meet and greet” with the cat.  
  4. Once the adoption is complete, we send the adopter home with all pertinent medical paperwork, along with written and verbal information on how to acclimate the feline(s) into the new home and other animals for a smooth transition. We also provide advice on food, litter, and medical care going forward – including the date of their next vaccines. 
  5. Lastly, we assure them that if the cat is not a fit, it may be returned.
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