Crystal Creek Rescue is in need of a new director of operations. If you are energetic, proactive, communicative, and have a passion for helping animals and your community, join us! Fill out a volunteer application form here, and we will be in touch!

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Who We Are

Crystal Creek Rescue is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to saving cats through spaying, TNR, adoption, education, and assistance to the Northwest Arkansas community. We have several cats and kittens for adoption! However, due to internal restructuring, as of June 1 we will no longer be able to take in cats and kittens. We can offer guidance and resources to those who need them. We also have many volunteer positions available!

We partner with the community to address their needs regarding feral cat colony management, TNR, owner surrenders, and rescues. We rely on community involvement and cooperation to make our mission possible. This includes everything from adopting out cats and kittens who need homes to bringing awareness and acting to solve the out-of-control local cat overpopulation in humane, healthy ways.

Support our cause, save lives

Your financial donations not only help save the lives of cats and kittens in Northwest Arkansas, but they go towards helping to solve a true public health problem in our community. By addressing the stray and feral cat problem, we are able to make a healthy difference for our feline and human friends.

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