Introducing Frappe!

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Black and Tan

A little about Frappe

Meet Frappe, aka Fluffy Face, aka Charmin because she’s sooooo soft, aka Snuggle Monster. Most likely to have been a shoe salesman in a previous lifetime, as she loves laying on or attacking feet and shoes. Future Olympic medalist in Gymnastics.
Frappe is a sweet ball of soft fluff that loves to snuggle with her person. In fact, she would love to be adopted by someone who has the time to hold her while she falls asleep in the crook of your left arm. Of course she also might have to boop your nose or investigate your glasses while she’s there. She absolutely loves to play chase with her much larger foster brothers and wrestle with her siblings. She will play with almost any toy, and especially loves small toys that she can bat around and chase on smooth floors. She also loves scratching posts for claw sharpening. She’s a very smart girl who was the first of her litter to be litter box trained, and the first to use boxes and cabinets as stairs to get up on the countertops. Oops!

At Crystal Creek Rescue, all kittens under 6 months of age are adopted in pairs for their mental and physical wellbeing unless going to a home with a kitten or cat of similar age. If you’d like to meet Frappe, please fill out an application and we’ll be in touch soon!

Adopt Me
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